CLD United

CLD United is an education and physical activity-based programme delivered in partnership with Dundee City Council Learning and Development.  It covers the Maryfield (DISC Target Project) and Strathmartine Wards (Strathmartine Active Youth) in Dundee.

The overall CLD United project consists of two strands:  an education/employability component and peer-led diversionary activity in the local community. The project targets secondary school children who are at risk of not achieving a positive destination when they leave school. These young people who are part of the project are identified by local schools, police, CLD and social work.

CLD United provides targeted young people with support in achieving a positive destination through different types of qualifications such as a qualification in sports leadership, nationally recognised “Heart Start” training, Scottish FA coaching qualifications and Saltire Award recognition. As part of the project the young people will also complete 100s of hours of volunteering at the diversionary football drop in sessions.  This process ensures that individuals who may not have been successful academically at school have the chance to gain qualifications and key skills that will help increase their chance of moving into employment.  Dundee United Community Trust also provides paid employment opportunities for those who perform well within the project and these staff members become peer-mentors, leading on the delivery of the diversionary activity in the community.

In addition to the education part of the project, there is the delivery of peer-led diversionary activity within the community. This takes place 4 times per week across the two locations – St. Paul’s and DISC. This part of the project is where the young people develop their skills in a practical and real environment as they take ownership of delivering this service for their local community. This includes organising and facilitating football matches for local children in an effort to reduce anti-social behaviour in the Strathmartine and Maryfield Wards in Dundee.

Session Details

The football drop in sessions are open to boys and girls of all abilities up to 16 years old and are completely free of charge to attend.  The session details are provided below:

Day  Time Venue
 Monday 8pm - 10pm St Paul's Academy
Wednesday 8pm - 10pm St Paul's Academy
Thursday 8pm - 10pm DISC
Friday 8pm - 10pm DISC

 For more information on any of our sessions or to get involved please get in touch with us at