Football Memories

Dundee United Football Memories
What's your favourite football memory?   The one moment that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end when you think back on it?  Maybe it was meeting your idol and discovering that they were everything you hoped they would be. Perhaps it was a special goal that you can still see when you close your eyes. Maybe it was something more personal. Sometimes it's not about what you are watching, but who you are watching it with.   Maybe the goal you most remember is one you scored yourself.  Think of all the bookmarks in the story of your life as a football fan.   Flick through them all, pick your favourite … then tell us all about it.
Football Memories Match Days 
Monthly meeting to share football memories around Dundee United, Scottish Football and international Matches.  We also feature other sporting memories world events and movie memories.  Enjoy a complimentary refreshment when you arrive and sometimes a Bovril or half-time pie!
3rd Wednesday of the month, 2 - 3.30pm 
Dundee United Football Club, Tannadice Football Stadium, Tannadice Street, DD3 7JW
Entrance at Main Reception

Dundee United Contact: Riki Grauer
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