Published: 18th December 2014

Dundee United tonight confirmed that Paul Paton will be appealing the immediate two match ban handed to him by the Disciplinary Tribunal as a result of the outcome of a complaint of an alleged breach of disciplinary rule 200. A Club spokesperson said, "The player will certainly be appealing this decision and will be given our full backing in this matter. The decision today relating to Paul Paton is incredulous. We are stunned firstly that it was brought in front of the Judicial Panel by the new Compliance Officer and secondly that the Judicial Panel have found the player guilty of something that we do not believe to have taken place. It is truly mystifying that three people in a room at Hampden Park in Glasgow on a Thursday afternoon can see something that was not seen by the referee, 1st assistant, 2nd assistant, fourth official, SPFL delegate, the managers of either team, the players of either team including the alleged villain and victim not to mention the 11,168 supporters in the stadium. As part of our original defence  submission we studied enlarged video footage to ensure our player was not guilty of such an offence. We were sound in our belief that no such action had taken place and we will continue to support the player in this matter through the Appeal process.”