Published: 8th November 2018

Pavol Safranko's recent form has delighted both the United fans and Head Coach Robbie Neilson, and the striker has been rewarded with a standby call for Slovakia. The announcement came just hours after ArabZONE spoke to Pavol about his thoughts on a potential call-up.

Speaking to Dundee United media, Pavol said, "My focus is purely on Dundee United and securing victories, and if something happens then I will look at it when it happens."

Pavol also revealed his motivation in his career to be like his hero, older brother Jan, twenty years his elder, who also played professional football.

"I started playing football because my brother was a professional footballer. He was my idol, and he showed me the way I want to be."

"My target in my career is to do what he has done but also I want to keep looking upon my own career because the most important thing is to improve every day."

Pavol's robust, aggressive style has caught the eye of United fans, but the striker admitted he wasn't always so.

"No, I learned to battle when I played men's football for the first time. My first game was terrible because everybody was stronger than me and I realised that I had to do something different so I started being a little more aggressive. I enjoy the aggression, and it is part of my style and if I am not then something is wrong with my game."

Pavol has celebrated scoring six times in a United shirt, and his celebration also shows a large amount of passion. The 23-year-old sees it an outlet for his emotion saying, "When I score I show my emotion because before the game my focus is on winning but I also have the target to score. Scoring is one of the best feelings in football, and my emotions come out. This is the reason why I celebrate like this."

Pavol has settled in well to life at Tannadice and enjoys the Dundee area also.

"Dundee is a lovely city. I like the people, and everyone has been friendly. I appreciate how much the fans have taken to me. It doesn't need words though I just try to enjoy it.

"I miss my family, but my father and brother will come over in December, so I am looking forward to them visiting."

Pavol is enjoying his time at United and loving life in the city of Dundee, but there is only one goal in his eyes for this season - promotion.

"My goal for the season is only one target. Every game I want to give 100%, and after the season we can look at anything else."

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