Get back in the ground with fans at the game

Published: 20th June 2020

We’re all missing being at the game. Football is coming back and although you might not be able to visit Tannadice for a short while yet to raise the roof in getting behind the team, we can't wait to see your faces again.

For that reason, we’re delighted to announce that Dundee United are giving you a chance to get back in the ground with the launch of Fans At The Game.

We’ve teamed up with The Football Company, to allow you to have your own recyclable, waterproof cut-out displayed proudly in the stands.

You may have seen this in other countries, and if so may know how it works. But in very simple terms, all you need to do is:

·      Visit our Fans At The Game website here.

·      Agree to the T&Cs

·      Use on mobile device native browser (Apple/IOS Safari or Android Chrome)

·      Allow your mobile device camera to take a picture

·      Make sure you fit in the silhouette

·      Approve your picture – boom!

·      Make your secure online payment – it costs £25 per cut out

After that, your cut-out is produced, delivered here to Tannadice and installed. Before you know it, you’ll get back in the ground and be a fan at the game once more.

Watch out across our social media channels, as we’ll be sharing pictures once we start to fill the stadium.

We know it’s not the real thing, and we cannot wait until Tannadice is packed with supporters, but for a short time, this is a great way to support your club. Every supporter really counts!

Click here for Dundee United Fans At The Game.