Published: 20th June 2022

Dundee United FC are on an exciting journey and as we continue to grow and evolve into a modern, innovative, and commercially attractive football club, there was an obvious need to improve the look and feel of the club brand and digital strategy to reach into new markets, both domestically and internationally.  

We aimed to be proactive in the transformation, while retaining the core elements of our history as we modernise our brand to encourage ambitions of greater fan engagement across the world to help drive greater commercial revenue.

As part of the brand regeneration, the new crest has taken a streamlined approach to the design — maintaining many aspects of the previous to offer a natural evolution suitable for a contemporary, forward thinking club.

There are several changes to the crest that complete the modernisation including the use of a contemporary font that has a sans serif base with a touch of flare to it. With the font's roots in old century logos and signage, there is a good balance of old and new to the overall aesthetic.

The lion has been redrawn as a clear depiction with refined lines and the revised background palette with a clear black outline to the diamond allowing it to become a key element of the new branding.

Switching the triangle colours on the background palette has enhanced and gave clarity to the lion's face and alongside precision, consistency and alignment throughout the crest, gives a sense of unity and reflects the club's core values and desire to continue recent growth.

As the brand regeneration rolls out and our digital transformation grows, the club website will experience a total overhaul in the next 3-4 months making it industry leading.

Thank you to the team at Creative Graffix for their hard work on producing a really professional and modern brand regeneration for Dundee United Football Club.

The changes we have made can be viewed as subtle but this is about ensuring the brand is viewed consistently and confidently across the globe and we pursue growth in both fan engagement and commercial success.