To all Dundee United fans, wherever you are, I hope you and your families are staying safe and well during this most testing of times.

Before I introduce this season’s ticket offering for our return to the Scottish Premiership, it gives me enormous pleasure, as Chairman, to congratulate Robbie, the coaching staff and all the players on their wonderful achievement of being crowned Champions this year. I have no doubt that they have made you all very proud to be associated with the Club.

The eventual conclusion to the season has been well documented and discussed but when all said and done, we achieved our goal together: through performances on the pitch and your passionate support in the stands. 

Last year saw an increase in the number of season tickets sold for the first time in five years which meant that the average home attendance was regularly near the top of the attendance table across Scottish football, illustrating how fantastic your support is. As Robbie, the coaches and the players have continuously complimented, the support you show for United has an enormous influence on the players and it is such an advantage having a passionate and loud following.

On the playing front, we will continue to invest wisely in the playing squad to give us the best chance to continue the journey we started together less than 18 months ago. The team has achieved the first significant target, in returning to the top flight after a four-year absence but it does not stop there: we all want a Club that competes with the best in Scotland for all the domestic trophies and we want to bring European football back to Tannadice.

To be able to do this, I ask that you continue to back us by investing in a season ticket. When I was first told about Dundee United, the support and passion of the fans, the opportunity to help bring pride and optimism back to the City through a successful United was consistently referenced. With each trip to Dundee and Tannadice, I have watched that support grow and have heard the pride and optimism get stronger throughout my countless individual encounters with you.

We have increased the season ticket prices for the first time under our stewardship and for the first time in more than five years. We have kept these to a minimum for those fans who renew in the first payment window to reflect their loyalty and the loss of games from last season, at an average increase of 5% on last year’s prices, and have looked to add more value into the package, which I note later. The Club has also been able to secure an agreement with a funding company that will allow fans the opportunity to pay by instalment, which will be available in the coming weeks.

It is a challenging world at the moment, but perhaps this is an opportunity to make some positive changes in our own individual lives. One of the consequences has been the increased use of social media and video-conferencing platforms and how it has all kept us in contact with each other: this has helped generate the theme to this year’s campaign of “Wherever Together: United Together”, underlining that wherever we are at the moment, United has a bonding quality all of its own. Another consequence has been the realization that life is to be lived and that much of what we need is not too far from our doorstep (in most cases!!) and that we should value what we have, in this case Dundee United FC.  

At the time of writing, there is a lot of discussion around the restructuring of the Premiership and the potential of it increasing in size, either temporarily or permanently. As ever, the Club will always support what is best for both Dundee United and Scottish football. The upside of promotion and any potential expansion is the even greater value that a season ticket holder will benefit from a reduction in the average cost per game this coming season compared to previous seasons, as a result of at least one more home league game. 

We have listened to you as individual supporters, groups and fan bodies on the changes that you would like to see to the season ticket package and have incorporated a number of them, including a fixed term payment plan, a 10% discount on all retail products both in-store and online and a reduced subscription price to a new-look ArabZONE as well as re-shaping the Membership scheme to add more value to those who cannot get to every game because of work or other commitments.

I know that your support for and belief in the Club will not change.

Nor will mine. 

I look forward to celebrating our title win together and meeting you all again at Tannadice to watch our team in the Premiership.

Stay safe. 

See you at Tannadice

Mark J Ogren,


Dundee United FC