How can I buy my season ticket for 2020-21?

For those fans renewing their Season Ticket from last season, you can purchase online by visiting https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/tickets/2020-21renew-season-ticket-portal

For those fans who are buying a new Season Ticket, you can purchase online by visiting https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/tickets/2020-21buy-new-season-ticket-portal


When does the early bird period end?

The early bird deadline is midnight on Sunday 14 June. Thereafter, standard prices will apply.


How long is my current seat reserved for?

As an existing season ticket holder, your seat will be automatically reserved until the Early Bird Period ends, which for this year is 14 June 2020. Once this date has passed, it will be available for purchase by another supporter and the price will increase accordingly.


Will I have to pay more if the Premiership division expands beyond its current 12-team structure? 

The answer is no. The Club has priced on the current divisional structure but if one or more teams are added for the 2020/21 season, there will be no additional charge.


Are all the home cup games included in the season ticket price?

All home cup games are in addition to the home Premiership games and so if you would like to retain your seat for the cup competitions, the Club will reserve it for a certain period before allowing it to be bought by another supporter. This reservation period is sometimes only valid for a few days, depending on when the fixture is. 


Will I receive a refund for matches that were cancelled due to the pandemic during the 19/20 season?

The price for 2020/21 season ticket reflects the cancelled matches from last season.


Is there a payment plan and is there an additional cost involved in taking out the payment plan?

An online payment plan is available for all season ticket sales (without hospitality) and will offer fans wishing to use this facility, two options on the number of instalments they want to purchase their season ticket over. Further details will appear here and in other Club news once the interface link with the finance house has been built and fully tested. It is expected that this will be done in the next 10 days. There will be an interest charge applied by the finance house, from which the Club earns no additional income.


Can I relocate to another part of the Stadium?

This is possible once the Early Bird Period has expired. To make sure you benefit from the Early Bird prices, whether you are a renewing or new season ticket holder, it is best to purchase your ticket in this period and then relocate afterwards. Otherwise, you will be charged the increased price. Please inform the Ticket Centre that you wish to relocate your seat once you have bought it. 


What if my season ticket needs to be replaced?

A replacement fee of £10 is applicable in the event of issuing a new season ticket Any such request will only be acceptable if the named season ticket holder is present with identification during the transaction. The Club reserves the right to decline such a request. 


Can I purchase online if I am a student?

Student season tickets are available to all those in full-time education at a Higher or Further Education body.  To purchase your season ticket, we need to see proof of eligibility. If your matriculation card remains valid for the new season, you will be offered to renew at the student price. If we do not have this information, you will need to please contact the Ticket Office by email, attaching a copy of your matriculation card. 


Can U12s attend the match without an adult?

Children under the age of 12 years old are not permitted into the stadium, unless they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.


What are the age categories for the season tickets price bands?

Adult: 18-64
Senior Citizen: 65+
Student: Full-time education at a Higher or Further Education body.
Under 18: 12-17
Under 16: 12-15
Under 12: 2-11

Age bands are calculated on the age of supporters on 1 August 2020.


Where can I find the Terms and Conditions relating to Season Tickets?

These can be found by clicking on the following link  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


How do I contact the Ticket Office if I cannot find the answer above?

Please contact the following Club as follows:

By email:  Tickets@dundeeunitedfc.co.uk
By phone:  01382 833166 (Option 1)


Can I collect my season ticket or will it be posted out?

Normally, your season ticket, once the sale has been confirmed, will have been available for collection once produced. The Club may need to post it out to you given the current mobility restrictions and so, a final decision has not yet been made.