Frequently Asked Questions


How can I buy my season ticket for 2021-22? 

For those fans renewing their Season Ticket from last season, you can purchase online from 22nd March 2021 by visiting here.

For those fans who are buying a new Season Ticket, you can purchase online from 3rd May 2021 by visiting here.
What are the benefits of renewing my season ticket in the Loyalty Period? 

If you renew during the Loyalty Period you will pay no more than what you paid for your season ticket last year, as prices during the Loyalty Period are the same as the Early Bird prices for renewing season tickets in 2020. Those who bought a new season ticket in 2020 will pay less than they paid last year (e.g. £40 less for Eddie Thompson Lower Adult). 
Season ticket holders renewing during the Loyalty Period will be given a special edition United scarf and receive a free ticket to a 'Legends' match to be played at Tannadice as soon as practically possible in 2021. They will also receive a 15% discount voucher for use in the retail store (This is a single use voucher only used in store or over the phone). 

During the Loyalty Period, you can choose to pay for your season ticket over 4 monthly instalments, with no fees or interest charges, or over 10 monthly instalments with an 8% finance charge payable with the first instalment (e.g. finance charge of £23.60 for Eddie Thompson Lower Adult). 

Although we are confident that the stadium will be open to supporters by the start of the 21/22 season, in the event there are limits placed on the number of spectators allowed into games, season ticket holders who have renewed during the Loyalty Period will be given priority over other season ticket holders if a ballot is required to allocate seats for specific matches. 

Under 16 and Under 12 season ticket holders renewing during the Loyalty Period will receive a free ticket for one of the home matches in the Betfred Cup group stage. 

When does the Loyalty Period end? 

The Loyalty Period, which is only open to renewing season ticket holders, will run from 22nd March 2021 and end at midnight on Friday 30th April 2021. 
When does the Early Bird period run from? 

The Early Bird Period runs from Monday 3rd May to midnight on Monday 31st May 2021. Thereafter, standard prices will apply from Wednesday 2nd June 2021. 
How long is my current seat reserved for? 

As an existing season ticket holder, your seat will be automatically reserved until the Early Bird Period ends, which for this year is Monday 31st May. Once this date has passed, it will be available for purchase by another supporter and the price will increase accordingly. 
What do I do if I want to claim a credit for the matches being played behind closed doors in season 2020/21? 

While we are asking all season ticket holders to waive their right to a credit for season 2020/21 to maximise the Club’s financial budget for next season, and we are offering attractive prices and benefits to supporters renewing in the Loyalty Period, we fully understand that some of our supporters will have suffered financially from the Covid-19 pandemic and they will want to utilise the credits due to them in renewing their season ticket for 2021/22. 

If you wish to claim a credit for the 20/21 season then please contact the season ticket office to obtain a voucher code that you will then input online during the renewal process, and this will apply the credit to the amount payable. 

The voucher code will only be valid for use from Wednesday 2nd June 2021, but you should apply for it in advance.  
Why can’t I renew my season ticket in the Loyalty Period or Early Bird period if I am claiming the credit for season 20/21? 

In putting together the season ticket pricing for 2021/22 season, and the terms relating to the use of credits for those supporters choosing to use them, the Club took into account the views of various United supporter groups, as well as the responses to the survey of supporters that we undertook earlier this year. From a very substantial number of survey responses, approximately 80% of season ticket holders said they would be happy to waive any right to credits relating to the current season.

We used this information to ensure those supporters waiving their credits could renew for next season at no more than what they paid last year, and provide them with some additional benefits by way of compensation for not getting value out of their season tickets this season. It is important to note that the Loyalty Period prices are in most cases lower than the cheapest prices for season tickets in 2016/17 when the Club was playing in the Championship. An Eddie Thompson Lower season ticket was £299 in 2016/17, and the Loyalty Period price this year is £295. As well as normal annual inflationary price rises we would have expected season ticket prices to increase when the team were promoted back to the Premiership. Without the impact of Covid-19 on season ticket pricing, it is reasonable to say that between last year and this year there would have been price increases of between 15% and 20% in season ticket prices. At £295 for Eddie Thompson Lower, we were the only Premiership club offering adult season tickets for all league matches at under £300 last season.

The Club fully understands the huge impact that Covid-19 has had on the local communities and on many of our supporters. As a result, we recognise that some season ticket holders will want to use the credits due for 2020/21 to supplement the cost of renewing their season ticket for 2021/22. However, we need to ensure that those using the credits do not receive a double benefit in terms of taking advantage of lower prices for 2021/22 that are aimed at compensating those not taking the credits, and also a discount for the credits. By renewing from Wednesday 2nd June those using credits will still be able to renew for next season at exceptionally low prices – Eddie Thompson Lower will be only £196 after discount for credits. In addition, you can choose to spread the cost of the season ticket over 6 months, with a very low finance charge.

I pay my season ticket in advance through the Budget scheme and I want to use my credit in respect of 2020/21 season. How does this work? 

If you have paid in advance for your 2021/22 season ticket, but want to use the credits from 2020/21 season, then the credit due to you will be calculated based on what you paid for your seat for season 2020/21, and this credit will be applied to your advance payments for season 2022/23 based on the Standard price of your seat for 2021/22. 

For example - an adult season ticket holder in Eddie Thompson lower: 
Paid in advance for 2020/21 £279.00 
Credit due 17/19 (assuming can’t attend any matches in 20/21) £249.63 
Standard price for 2021/22 £460.00 
Less credit £249.63 
Amount payable for 2022/23 £210.37 
£21.04 per month x 10 
This calculation is consistent with other season ticket holders paying the Standard price for their seat if they are using the credit from 2020/21 season. 

What happens if I am not able to attend matches in the 2021/22 season due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions? Will I obtain a credit or refund? 

Based on all the information available at the time of launching the season ticket campaign, the Club is confident that fans will be allowed into the stadium for matches next season. This confidence is based on the success to date of the Covid-19 vaccination programme and the Scottish and UK government projections regarding the extension of vaccinations across the whole country and all age groups by the end of July, which is underpinning their estimated timelines for lifting the current restrictions. 

In the event there are some matches next season where there are restrictions on numbers in the stadium, then priority will be given to season ticket holders who renew during the Loyalty Period. 

No credits or refunds will be offered to season ticket holders for any matches they are unable to attend in 2021/22 because of Covid-19 restrictions, however the Club will continue to offer season ticket holders free access to watching the matches live on DUTV where permitted to do so under the SPFL broadcasting agreement. 
Will I have to pay more if the Premiership division expands beyond its current 12-team structure?  

No - the Club has priced on the current divisional structure, but if one or more teams are added for the 2021/22 season, there will be no additional charge. 
Are all the home cup games included in the season ticket price? 

Only the home Premiership games are included in your season ticket, so if you would like to retain your seat for the cup competitions, the Club will reserve it for a certain period to allow you to purchase a ticket before allowing it to be bought by another supporter. This reservation period is sometimes only valid for a few days, depending on the period of advance notice of cup matches.  
Is there a finance facility for payment in monthly instalments, and is there an additional cost involved in using the finance facility? 

A finance option is available for all season ticket sales through our finance partner V12 Finance, with the finance options being: 

Loyalty Period (renewing season ticket holders only) 
Option 1 – 4 monthly instalments – no fees or interest charges 
Option 2 – 10 monthly instalments – 8% finance charge payable to V12 Finance, which is paid with the first monthly instalment 

Early Bird Period and Standard Price Period 
6 monthly instalments – 6.1% finance charge payable to V12 Finance, which is paid with the first monthly instalment 

Finance credit is subject to application and approval by V12 Finance. Terms and conditions will apply which will be notified to you upon making your application. 
Can I relocate to another part of the Stadium? 

This is possible once the Early Bird Period has expired. To make sure you benefit from the Early Bird prices, whether you are a renewing or new season ticket holder, it is best to purchase your ticket in this period and then relocate afterwards. Otherwise, you will be charged the increased price. Please inform the Ticket Centre that you wish to relocate your seat once you have bought it.  
What if my season ticket needs to be replaced? 

A replacement fee of £10 is applicable in the event of issuing a new season ticket. Any such request will only be acceptable if the named season ticket holder is present with identification during the transaction. The Club reserves the right to decline such a request.  
Can I purchase online if I am a student? 

Student season tickets are available to all those in full-time education at a Higher or Further Education body.  To purchase your season ticket, we need to see proof of eligibility. If your matriculation card remains valid for the new season, you will be offered to renew at the student price. If we do not have this information, you will need to contact the Ticket Office by email, attaching a copy of your matriculation card.  
Can U12s attend the match without an adult? 

Children under the age of 12 years old are not permitted into the stadium, unless they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. 
What are the age categories for the season tickets price bands? 

Adult: 18-64 
Senior Citizen: 65+ 
Student: Full-time education at a Higher or Further Education body. 
Under 18: 12-17 
Under 16: 12-15 
Under 12: 2-11 

Age bands are calculated on the age of supporters on 1 August 2021. 

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions relating to Season Tickets? 

These can be found by clicking on the following link 
Can I collect my season ticket or will it be posted out? 

Your season ticket will be able for collection from the ticket office before the start of the season. You will be notified when it is available for collection. 
How do I contact the Ticket Office if I cannot find the answer above? 

Please contact the following Club as follows: 

By email: 
By phone:  01382 833166 (Option 1)*

*As the Ticket Office and Club shop will not re-open until Monday 26th April, the Ticket Office can only be contacted by email until then.