Terms and Conditions


If the following Conditions of issue are not accepted, this season ticket should be returned prior to the first home League game of the 2018/2019 season. 

1. This season ticket is issued on the strict understanding that the holder either has read or will obtain and read and thereafter comply at all relevant times with the current Ground Regulations of the Club.
Copies of these Ground Regulations are displayed at Tannadice Park and can also be obtained without charge by contacting the Ticket Centre. The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to Tannadice Park and/or to cancel all remaining tickets in this booklet if the holder breaches any of the Ground Regulations. In such circumstances no refund will be given. 

2. Valid for all home 1st team home league games.
Please note this season ticket does not include entry to any SPFL Play-Off matches, domestic cup, Europa cup competition or friendlies or similar challenge matches. 

3. Tickets must be torn from the book by the season ticket holder in the presence of the ticket operator; otherwise the holder will be refused admission. The Club accepts no responsibility in the event of the wrong voucher being torn from the book. 

4. Please check that all vouchers are present in your book before the season commences. We are unable to issue duplicate vouchers once the season has commenced. 

5. No refunds can be made in respect of unused vouchers. 

6. Any season ticket holder arriving for a game and not being in possession of their season ticket book will be entitled to be issued with a duplicate match voucher at the ticket office in Tannadice Street only on payment of the appropriate match price. This sum will be refundable provided the relevant season ticket voucher is returned to the ticket office within 7 days. 

7. Any form of Unacceptable Conduct is strictly forbidden. Supporters found to be acting in an unacceptable or offensive manner will be arrested or ejected and may be subject to criminal proceedings and/or club sanctions. Details of Unacceptable Conduct are included on the Club website at www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/the-club/club-policies 

The season ticket vouchers in this book are non-transferable e.mail - tickets@dundeeunitedfc.co.uk