Louis Appere

Published: 22nd January 2021

The Jackpot has not been won today and will roll over to £1750.00!!!!

Other prizes were as follows:

£100 cash - IAIN WILSON
£25 cash - PHILIP CLARK

Remember to play the virtual 50/50 in time for the game v St Mirren on Wednesday 27/1/21.

The winners of the 50/50 v Hamilton were as follows:

First prize £153.00 - ticket number 107013

Second prize £51.00 ticket number 107111

Play the Lottery and virtual 50/50 online now!

Full results can be found on the DUDA website

Our Academy has thrived in recent times, and already this season eight graduates have tasted competitive first-team action. The hard work that went into achieving Elite status within the Scottish FA Academy structure needs continued financial support, and the 50/50 virtual draw offers United fans an excellent opportunity to get involved.

Each United matchday a virtual 50/50 draw is done online at half time and buying tickets and giving yourself a chance of winning one of the two cash prizes takes seconds!

Remember, these draws take place every United matchday at half time, and the winning numbers are announced on DUTV commentary, social media and the Club website. The more fans that play, the higher the prize.

Click here to sign up and play for Our Academy each matchday!