Match Tickets: Terms & Conditions

Match tickets are issued subject to the following Terms and Conditions: 

  • All match tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. The purchase of a match ticket shall constitute acceptance by the ticket holder of these Terms and Conditions. A breach of these Terms and Conditions shall render the ticket void and all rights conferred or evidenced by it shall be nullified.  
  • A match ticket gives you access to the match purchased. The club reserves the right to change its advertised fixtures without notice or without liability. Play cannot be guaranteed to take place on a particular date at any time.
  • Match tickets and any digital passes remain the property of Dundee United FC and its use is subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of use.
  • Each match ticket/digital pass is valid for the advertised match date or any date to which a match is re-scheduled. In the event be a match is abandoned or postponed, no entitlements to refund shall be authorised.  
  • Concession tickets are available to persons aged over 65, under 21, under 18, under 16 and also students in full time education. A person’s age on the date of purchase will determine the category of pass/ticket. Proof of age will be required and must be provided upon request. Students must have been accepted for a full-time education course, valid for this year. You must provide a current valid matriculation card upon request.
  • The Club reserves the right to re-locate reserved seats for safety or segregation reasons. The club cannot guarantee your seat will not be affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • The Club reserves the right to re-locate reserved seats in line with the covid-19 government restrictions. The club cannot guarantee you will sit in the seat you reserve due to social distancing requirements.
  • Ticket Holders are not permitted to exit and re-enter the event, except in the case of an emergency. Patrons must inform a steward in order to ensure controlled and secure egress and access.
  • If you cannot attend a match in person due to the covid-19 pandemic, your ticket will remain non-refundable. Should league rules permit it, you will be given access to DUTV to stream the match live.
  • Match attendees are subject to ground regulations which are displayed in the Stadium and copies of which are available on request.
  • The Club has a strict behavioural policy. Racial and sectarian abuse will not be tolerated at any time. Repeated use of foul or abusive language will be regarded as verbal assault and offenders will be ejected from the Stadium without refund or compensation.
  • Entry to the ground is conditional upon ticket holders consent to being searched on entering the stadium and to the confiscation of prohibited items in terms of the ground regulations. Dundee United FC reserves the right in its sole discretion, to refuse admission to the ticket holder to the event or any part of the event, to remove the ticket holder from the event or to direct the ticket holder to another part of the event.
  • Standing is forbidden in seated viewing areas.
  • Entry into the event will be authorised on a event day only upon the presentation of a valid ticket by each ticket holder seeking to gain entrance. Individuals who have been banned from attending events by competent authorities or sports governing bodies in any jurisdiction, or who are considered as a security risk, are prohibited from entering or remaining in the event. On entering the events, the ticket holder agrees to abide by event regulations at all times.  

Please note that IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CRIMINAL LAW (CONSOLIDATION) (SCOTLAND) ACT 1995 it is an offence punishable by law for any person to enter or attempt to enter the stadium: 

  • Whilst in possession of a prohibited container which is or was capable of holding liquid and which if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person 
  • Whilst in possession of alcohol 
  • Whilst drunk 
  • Whilst in possession of any article or substance whose main purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signalling of the emission of smoke or visible gas 
  • Whilst in possession of a firework 
  • Match attendees are subject to ground regulations which are displayed in the Stadium and copies of which are available on request. 
  • Dundee United FC, its servants or agents shall have no liability for loss injury or damage to the ticket holder, or his/her property while in the events or any part thereof on entering or leaving the events, whether caused by negligence or breach of contract of the Dundee United FC or any of its servants or agents or otherwise. 
  • Any photograph, image, film or recording taken of any performer, participant or any member of any team may not be reproduced for any commercial purpose, whatsoever, whether for money or otherwise. 
  • All ticket holders acknowledge that photographic images and/or video recordings and/or stills taken from those video recordings may be taken of them and may also be used by Dundee United FC for marketing or promotional purposes. 
  • The purchase of tickets by visiting supporters in areas designated for Dundee United fans is contrary to ground regulations and the Club must stress that away fans found to be in home seated areas will face the risk of being ejected from the stadium, without recompense.