22nd November 2018

Dundee United and The Dundee Gin Co. have got together to offer United fans the perfect tangerine tipple - our new 'Tangerine' Gin Liqueur.

Sold exclusively from Tannadice, the 50cl bottles are priced at £30 and can be purchased either online or by phone (01382 832202) or in person via request at the ticket centre. Please note delivery, if required, is £8.

Alcohol content on this product is 26.5% volume and based on a classic dry gin. On the palate, rich marmalade notes dominate along with a hint of sweetness.

The Perfect Serve:

Enjoy Marmalade Gin on its own, over crushed ice or try our perfect serve, in a tall glass over ice with a big wedge of orange and Fevertree Sicilian Lemonade.

The ideal Christmas present or just a gift for yourself, get yourself a little hint of Tangerine today.