Club Policies

Policy on Unacceptable Conduct

Under amended SPFL Rules in respect of Ground Safety, Behaviour at Matches and Damage to Stadia, each club must ensure that its players, officials, supporters and any other person exercising a function for, or connected with, the club do not engage in unacceptable conduct at a stadium on the occasion of an official match. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes all home and away matches played by the club.

For this purpose, unacceptable conduct covers conduct which is violent and/or disorderly.

Violent conduct includes:

1) actual, attempted or threatened physical violence against a person or persons
2) intentional damage to property

Disorderly conduct includes:

  1. conduct which stirs up or sustains or is likely to or designed to stir up or sustain, hatred or ill will against a group of persons, based on their membership or presumed membership of the following categories of defined groups, or against an individual presumed to be a member of such group.
    • female or male gender
    • colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origin
    • membership of a religious group or a group with a perceived religious affiliation
    • sexual orientation
    • transgender identity
    • disability
  2. the use of threatening, abusive or insulting words.
  3. the display of writing or other visual display which is threatening, abusive or insulting.

Dundee United FC accepts its responsibility under these rules and will not tolerate any form of unacceptable conduct detailed above.

Any official, employee or any other person connected with the Club who engages in such activity will be subject to the Club’s internal disciplinary procedures. Any supporter who engages in such activity will be liable for sanctions imposed by the Club which may include withdrawal of season ticket, exclusion from future matches involving the Club or, in the event of persistent offending, an application being made towards obtaining a football banning order.

December 2017

Anti Racism Policy

This summary is designed to provide clarity to stakeholders, supporters and everyone connected with Dundee United Football Company Limited (“The Club”) on the Club’s attitude to issues of racial harassment and abuse. It is further designed to promote good relations between persons of different ethnic or national groups and to preserve the good name of Dundee United.

The Club condemns racism in any form, either on or off the pitch.

The Club aims to create and maintain a working and spectating environment free from racial harassment and abuse. Everyone connected with the Club has a responsibility to prevent racial harassment or abuse.

A racist incident is defined by the Club as any incident that is perceived to be racist by the victim, or any other person. Racial harassment is defined by the Club to be any verbal, physical, written or visible abuse that is based on a person’s race, ethnic background, colour, nationality, language or cultural background – and is considered to be unwanted, unacceptable and offensive to the person.

Proven racial harassment or abuse will lead to action being taken against spectators and will be reported to the police and may result in a life ban from the Club. The Club will give their full support to the police in any criminal actions.

All employees have a responsibility to make it clear that such behaviour by anyone connected with the Club is unacceptable.

Supporters will also be informed on a regular basis that racist taunts and abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated by the Club and will be encouraged to condemn and report such behaviour.
Any supporters (home or visiting) behaving in this way will be detained by stewards, passed to the police and may be arrested. Season ticket holders detained for such a reason, face having their season ticket revoked and all spectators detained in this way face a life ban from the stadium.

May 2019

Disability Policy

Dundee United Football Company Limited (“The Club”) is committed to ensuring that its disabled supporters and customers have as full access as is reasonably possible to all goods, services and facilities provided or offered to the public by the Club.

The Club recognises that not all its facilities are fully accessible to disabled customers and confirms that it is committed to making the necessary reasonable adjustments described by the Equality Act 2010 and its relevant Codes of Practice to ensure full compliance with the legislation.

The Club will ensure that all Senior Managers and appropriate “front line” staff are trained in the provision of the Act, and ongoing training will be included in staff induction programmes.

The Club has appointed a Disability Access Officer to act as an intermediary between our disabled supporters and senior management of the Club.

The Club has a grievance procedure in place and guarantees to its disabled customers that any complaints of discrimination will be dealt with quickly under that procedure.

The Club has advised its employees that any complaints of discrimination under the provisions of the Act is a serious matter and will be dealt with under the Club’s Disciplinary Procedures.