About SLG

The goal of the Dundee United Supporters' Liaison Group (SLG) is to maintain dialogue between Arabs and the Club, with a focus on supporter experience. Consisting of supporters' groups and independents, the SLG represents a wide range of fans of ages and backgrounds.

The SLG gives all Arabs the chance to feed back to the Club ideas, suggestions and concerns on all matters off the pitch. But this interaction is not just one-way, the SLG also allows the Club to communicate directly back to fans and seek feedback on Club initiatives including ticket pricing, stadium facilities and development as well as new initiatives.

To be effective, the SLG relies on strong communication between Arabs and the group. The SLG meets every four to six weeks and is open for any Arabs to join. But even if you are unable to join, you can still get in contact with any suggestions or issues you may have. One of the SLG’s proudest achievements was the implementation of a new Under-16 price band for season tickets. This helped to ensure that a generation of Arabs were no longer lost due to the original price difference between Under-12 and Under-18 seasons tickets.

Email: dufcslg@gmail.com
Twitter: @DufcSLG83
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DufcSLG