About DUSG

The Dundee United Supporters' Group (DUSG) comprises representatives from the main supporters' organisations and includes four independents from the fan base.

The DUSG is the sole mechanism by which the Club will liaise with its supporters' organisations.

The only two exceptions to this principle will be if the Club is invited to attend each organisation's AGM, and if an organisation has a proposal to invest or donate directly into the Club.

The DUSG meet approximately every six weeks, and there will be at least one meeting per season with the Sporting Director and Manager and one per season with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. 

Key management staff and Heads of Departments will be in attendance at these meetings to discuss and answer questions on a wide range of operational matters.

The Chair of the meeting will be a Director of the Club, and a representative of the Club will take the minutes of the meetings.

The minutes will include action points to be answered before or at the next meeting and a summary of the minutes will be put on the Club’s website and included in a match day programme.
A draft of the minutes will be emailed to those in attendance and returned and agreed within 10 days of the meeting date.

Dundee United put great emphasis upon effective and transparent communication between its supporters and the management structure of the Club.

In line with UEFA licensing requirements, the Club's joint Supporter Liaison Officers (SLO), David Dorward and Colin Stewart are the specific communication and contact point for all supporters and recognised supporters groups with the Club.

The SLOs liaise with the Executive Management Team on a regular basis on matters affecting all aspects of the supporter experience at the Club and provide regular updates and responses back to fans.

To contact David and Colin please email them on slo@dundeeunitedfc.co.uk