Published: 30th May 2000

Paul Sturrock expressed disappointment on Tuesday after he was linked with another striker.

Wigan attacker Andy Liddell was reported to have been high on Paul's wanted list, but while he is a player the manager is aware of, any suggestion a move is imminent is premature to say the least.

"Yes, I know about Andy Liddell and his name is on a list of strikers I've been compiling. However, I've done no more than chat about him and my list for that position alone contains 13 names, so nothing is certain. This is a case of an agent leaking a player's name to a newspaper and it isn't fair because it builds up the fans hopes.
I don't want that to happen and the way I like to do business is to let the fans know when there has been a definite development."

Paul has reiterated that when he does make signings, it will be to players who are willing to accept incentive-based contracts.
"I want a hunger about the place. People can make a good living by signing for us and a very good one if they do well."