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Published: 26th March 2020


The Dundee United Development Association (DUDA) has been monitoring closely the developments associated with the Covid-19 epidemic, considering carefully the implications for the operation of the United Futures Lottery.

The most recent guidance and instructions on serious limitations on movement of people now give DUDA cause to act in the interests of the safety and well-being of some of those who participate in the Lottery and those who act as Lottery agents. 

Therefore, DUDA is suspending with immediate effect all weekly agent collections.

This suspension will continue until further notice. 

Please note that payments by standing order, payments through the DUDA online system and payments by cheque for multi-week arrangements, will continue as normal. 

Please also note that anyone affected by this decision wishing to now pay for their Lottery entry by other means should go to the United Futures Website and register to either pay online or set up a standing order.  At any time, it’s a great way for all United fans to support their Club! 

DUDA realises that this will be disappointing for those who enjoy having a small weekly wager through the Lottery, knowing that the proceeds go to supporting the young players in the increasingly successful United Academy.  However, in the present circumstances DUDA could not reasonably claim that going out to collect weekly payments from members is an “essential” activity and could not justify putting people’s health at risk through those collections. 

Although this action is clearly the right thing to do, it will nevertheless have significant consequences for the operation of the Lottery, specifically in the reduction of income.  Therefore, in order to try to sustain the Lottery through the period of the pandemic and the associated restrictions, DUDA has necessarily but reluctantly decided to reduce the prize structure, as follows: 

•       for obvious practical reasons, the prize of two SPFL match tickets is withdrawn.

•       the weekly cash prizes will be limited to one of £100 and two of £25.

•       the jackpot prize, if not won, will roll over and increase as normal by £250 each week until Friday 10 April when it would reach £2000, at which point it will be capped and remain at that level until won. 

DUDA very much hopes that Lottery members will understand that these changes are driven by affordability and that your loyalty to the Lottery in these reduced circumstances is very much appreciated.  

Meantime, please do what is required to stay safe.

Colin Stewart, DUDA Chairman