Louis Appere promoting the new 50/50

Published: 24th July 2020

Win the most fantastic bonus prize by playing the ELITE 50/50 MATCHDAY DRAW this Saturday, 25 July! 

In a wonderful gesture to support the new online 50/50 Draw, Chairman Mark Ogren is offering a lucky entrant of this Saturday's virtual 50/50 the chance to unfurl the Championship League winners’ flag at United’s opening Premiership match v St Johnstone on Saturday 1 August!!!

This special prize will be in addition to the usual 50/50 cash prizes for the new half-time draw. Tickets for the 50/50 Draw cost £2 each and can only be purchased online at www.unitedlottery.co.uk.

Special conditions apply whereby prior to the Draw taking place at 3.45pm this Saturday, 25 July

  • entrants must have purchased at least five tickets for future draws (ie, five tickets for the draw on Sat 25th, or one ticket for each of the next five draws, or two tickets for each of the next three draws and so on)
  • entrants who have already made advance purchases for future draws, but of fewer than five tickets, and who now make "top up" purchases to five or more tickets, will also be eligible (providing that all purchases have used the same email address).
  • entrants who have already made advance purchases which meet these conditions will automatically be entered in the draw, and thank you!!!

Give yourself the chance to be part of this exceptionally special occasion!


BUY TICKETS NOW @ www.unitedlottery.co.uk